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Announcement on risk-based exclusion in Parliament a "significant victory", says FDA

The House of Commons Commission have released updated proposals on a risk-based exclusion policy.

FDA National Officer for the House of Commons Jawad Raza responded to these updated proposals:

“Today’s announcement on risk-based exclusion represents a significant victory for the FDA and our fellow trade unions. We have long campaigned to ensure that Parliament, like any other workplace, is a safe place to work for our members.

“For too long, Parliament’s reputation has been tarnished, and the confidence and trust of House staff undermined, by the stream of allegations of sexual misconduct. Not having a mechanism to prevent those who have been arrested for serious sexual offences from attending the Parliamentary Estate is unacceptable and out of line with every other workplace.”

Raza continued:

“This announcement is a real step forward in restoring the faith of our members in the ability of the House to appropriately deal with allegations and ensure their safety at work. It should now be implemented without delay.

“However, there is still a worrying lack of ownership of this issue from the leadership of the political parties. As we outlined in our joint letter with Prospect last month, it should now be for the parties to implement a new protocol to notify Parliament when a complaint of alleged sexual misconduct is made against a Member of Parliament.”

Channel website: https://www.fda.org.uk/

Original article link: https://www.fda.org.uk/home/Newsandmedia/News/Announcement-on-risk-based-exclusion-in-Parliament-a-significant-victory-says-FDA.aspx

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