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Are you ready for the robot revolution?

Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Launched by BCSWomen to provide free master classes in AI to women - and men.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing at a great pace bringing with it new opportunities as well as the risk of automation of jobs. To help prepare for these changes and ensure that people are ready to make the most of the opportunities ahead - BCSWomen in association with BCS SGAI (Specialist Group AI) is launching a new programme - called AI Accelerator to inform and educate delegates on AI. The talks and events will be free and open to women and men.

Sarah Burnett, Chair of BCSWomen (pictured left) explains: “The world is being transformed by automation with hundreds of thousands of jobs set to be replaced by robots and computers, but it’s not all bad news. In fact, the opposite is true - AI has the potential to open up incredible career choices for those who have the right skills. That’s why we are launching the AI Accelerator to help make this a reality. There is currently a skills shortage in the UK in all tech and engineering jobs, but particularly in IT where just *17% of people working in this profession are women. We need to encourage more people, especially women to gain skills around AI, understand the job opportunities and ultimately move into these exciting careers; in what is being called the ‘new collar economy’.”

The AI Accelerator programme will show how to adapt to and prepare for the rapidly changing work environment. It will include free events, webinars, panel sessions and social media discussions about AI and will be open to anyone who is interested.

Sarah continues: “A recent **report by Oxford University and Deloitte predicts 850,000 public sector jobs will be lost by 2030 due to automation. That’s just 13 years away and the trend has already started. Many of these changes will affect traditional jobs such as admin clerks, call centres and finance processing, many of which are currently filled by women. We need to wake up to the rapid changes that are about to hit us, but also understand where the future job opportunities are for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. The UK has a reputation as a great place to do business and we should be exploiting this, especially as Brexit will open up increased international trade, but the lack of skills could hold back our growth.”

Nadia Abouayoub from SGAI group said “The BCS AI Specialist Group (SGAI) is delighted to co-organise the AI Accelerator programme with the BCS Women Group. At the SGAI, our mission is “To foster achievement, capability and awareness in both business and research in Artificial Intelligence, and to promote the interests of the related community”. AI has always been a passion of mine, hence as a member of both Women and SGAI committee, with the support of both chairs, I am delighted to co-organise the events, where we will cover the key AI topics”.

The first AI Accelerator event will be a YouTube webinar on March 30th at 1 pm. Two prestigious industry figures will join Sarah Burnett at the launch - Andrew Anderson, CEO of Celaton will look at how AI is being applied; and Dr Hannah Dee of Aberystwyth University will talk about the science of AI.

Join the webinar: BCS Women broadcast only AI Accelerator

Event Coordinator for the BCS-SGAI: Nadia Abouayoub

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