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Building the future we need - a levelled up economic recovery

Summary of the North East Regional Conversation – Friday 22 May.

Last Friday, techUK, together with Deloitte and Sage, hosted the first in a series of conversations that are happening up and down the UK to understand the local impact of COVID-19 and to think forward to the economic recovery that we will need.

The session brought together (virtually) senior stakeholders in the North East for an interactive conversation which posed a series of challenging questions addressing the digital strengths and weaknesses in the North East and exploring what can be done to strengthen the digital performance and deliver better outcomes for people, society, the economy and planet at the local level. For further information on the Building the future we need initiative, please click here. (

The session was attended by high-level representatives from the region including corporates, SMEs, Public/Private Sector initiatives, local government, trade associations, incubators, the chamber of commerce, legal and professional services, as well as representatives of universities and further education.

Utilising Deloitte’s Greenhouse technology we had an interactive discussion which explored the following questions:

  • What can we do to improve the prosperity of the region?
  • What are the fears and hopes for businesses/organisations and the North East more generally as we start the recovery?
  • What are the big opportunities to recover and thrive?
  • What are the barriers and what could hold us back?
  • What key actions need to be taken forward and by whom?

The conversation was energetic and positive, and whilst some real challenges were identified there is great enthusiasm around the opportunity for the community to respond and thrive in the light of COVID-19. During the conversation we have identified many tangible action items that can be taken forward by the community and policy recommendations that can help reduce barriers as well as utilise the North East’s assets to support the region’s growth. We will be producing a regional report that incorporates the findings from this discussion in addition to other conversations that techUK and our partners are conducting in the North East.  

techUK will be conducting similar conversations with seven other regions across the UK throughout the year. The attached map provides the detail on where we are intending to go and when.

Should you have any questions about the Building the future we need initiative, please do get in touch.


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