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Digital citizens’ survey: please share with your residents

Service delivery: what users really think

Socitm strategic partner Novoville has created a survey designed to gauge how well local governments are supporting their residents through digital delivery of services, and what could be done better and how.

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What is happening?

Technology has created more channels for communications and service delivery, but does this work for everyone and for every service? Even confident technology users might prefer to speak in person about some issues. The Novoville survey is trying to find out what those issues might be.

Legislation from last year [The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No.2) Accessibility Regulations 2018] means that public services do need to assess and issue a statement on how accessible their websites are. Contributions from people through this survey could be combined with an assessment from Socitm’s BetterConnected+ site test to feed into completing and publishing statements.

Initial analysis of the survey responses will be presented and discussed at Share Leeds on Tuesday 15 October – so please do come and join us. 

Final reports will be shared with members.

Why is it happening?

The survey authors are interested in discovering what’s working, what’s not working and investigating ways of better service delivery that are the most helpful for people. Digital delivery of public services and digital accessibility of staff is expanding, but how effective is it? Getting feedback from service users will help shape existing offerings and influence future developments.

Where is it happening?

The survey is available through: 


Who are Novoville and PUBLIC?

Novoville offers a customer engagement app to local, regional and civic government and related organisations. They’re focused on working with public services to increase digital offerings and uptake (where appropriate). The team is already working with local authorities in the UK and the rest of Europe so they’re developing a pool of best practise, data and real-world examples of interactions to help all of us.

PUBLIC helps foster connections between tech start-ups and the public sector. Enabling both to make the best and appropriate use of technology to solve problems. The company also organises the annual GovTech Summit, which includes their PitchGovTech competition.

What can you do?

To reach as many people as we can, please do share the survey with your residents on Twitter and LinkedIn.

We’re looking forward to talking with you about the preliminary results at Share Leeds.

If you can’t join us on Tuesday 15 October, please let us know and we can make sure you receive a copy of the final report.

Thank you so much for your support. Please do send over any questions to us on


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