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Emerging technology which aims to improve muscle movement is NICE’s 100th medtech innovation briefing

NICE’s advice series on new or novel healthcare technology reaches a milestone

The latest medtech innovation briefings include NICE’s 100th briefing which is on the Mollii Suit – a full body garment that aims to reduce spasticity, which can occur when the nerve cells which enable a person to control their limb movements are damaged.  They also include the Bair Hugger System, a novel method for measuring temperature during surgery and ZioService, a new approach of monitoring heart rhythm remotely.

Since their introduction in 2013, NICE medtech innovation briefings (MIBs) have featured new and novel technologies used in the most common care pathways and across almost all health and care settings, from highly-specialised settings to patients’ homes. MIBs reflect the increasing importance of medical and digital technology to provide new solutions to health and care needs.

NICE MIBs provide objective information on devices, diagnostics and digital technologies to help NHS and social care commissioners and staff who are considering using these new technologies – but the briefings don’t make recommendations on using the technology.

Professor Carole Longson, director of the NICE centre for health technology evaluation, said: “We’re delighted to publish our 100th medtech innovation briefing, which looks at the Mollii Suit. If health and social care colleagues are interested in using the device then our briefing gives a handy impartial summary of the evidence available. Like many innovations featured in MIBs, the product is at an early stage in its development and so we are hoping that further evidence emerges on how well it works compared to existing treatments.

“Our medtech innovation briefings are not guidance, so they don’t make any recommendations on whether or not the technology should be used – that decision is entirely the choice of local staff.  But by providing these briefing summaries, NICE helps NHS organisations avoid the need to produce this information which saves staff time, effort and resources.”

We strongly encourage technology developers, or anyone with an interest in innovative technology to contact us at to help us identify products which are potentially suitable for assessment. More information on NICE’s MIBs is on the website.

NICE's latest medtech innovation briefings

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