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Find out how to Connect People and Place at GeoPlace annual conference 2024

Building useful services around people and communities needs reliable and up-to-date data. When we can understand where people are and what they need we can shape the services that serve them best.

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Knowing where change is taking place, where houses are being built, where communities are developing and where the infrastructure needs to be built in support needs dependable and accurate geographic data. Location data, and particularly address and street data, with their associated UPRNs and USRNs is the magic ingredients that connect services to people to places.

The good news is, the tools are already in place to make this happen, and success is evident. At GeoPlace’s 2024 conference, on the 21st May at Manchester United Football Club, we'll showcase inspirational examples and case studies of 'Connecting People and Places' that show just how address and street data is already helping to address those challenges.

At the heart of the proposition is the enabling power of data to connect the services to the places where they are needed. At the conference, experts will share the evidence that shows how accurate location data delivers life-changing outcomes:

  • Health – better-integrated data that's reducing costs to provide 'Healthy Homes'
  • Digitising the home-moving process – more compliance, less stress, less risk, less cost, more surety
  • Household energy – more-accurate analysis that accelerates the green agenda and saves money for residents
  • Housing – new-builds, to nurturing connections throughout the property life-cycle
  • Connectivity – building the resilient and lighting fast full-fibre networks that homes and businesses need
  • Reducing congestion – improving air quality, enhancing the overall reliability and effectiveness of our highways networks, both above and underground.

Be inspired too, by the success of 3D cities - once a dream, but now a reality in the improvements to local authority planning.

Our sessions explore some of society’s biggest challenges, and the use of location data that's accelerating positive change. But we also open up the technical side of managing the UK’s address and street data – the all-important, authoritative information needed to underpin those better decisions, The conference is supported by suppliers and industry bodies ready to show you how to utilise this data.

Register here for the GeoPlace conference, and understand how address and street data and intelligence is transforming services in every sector.

The GeoPlace conference takes place at Manchester Football Club on 21st May. To see the complete conference schedule, please look at the Connecting People and Places pages on the GeoPlace website.

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