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GCS Career Framework: revamped

Blog posted by: Gemmaine Walsh, Chief Operating Officer, GCS, 25 April 2024.

I’m so pleased to introduce our new GCS Career Framework, a key part of bringing our GCS Strategy: Performance with Purpose – to life. 

As part of our commitment to recruiting, and developing Great People, this framework maps out clear career pathways so that all GCS communicators can develop the right skills for the careers they want. 

Whether you want to become a deep knowledge expert or a senior leader, the framework sets out the capabilities needed at each level and what good looks like, so you can take ownership of your own professional development.

For the first time this framework brings together:

  • Our brilliant new training offer, GCS Advance – an extensive new learning programme covering everything from use of tech and AI through to media handling and strategy development. There’s something for everyone, no matter where you currently are in your career.
  • On-the-job learning and relationships: Formal training is only part of the equation, so we’re emphasising mentoring and sponsorship to help pass on skills; job rotations to give exposure to different teams; and encouraging peer support through networks and coaching.
  • Advice and suggestions: We’ve added some case studies, with GCS colleagues sharing their tips on the most impactful learning they’ve done (and we’re looking for more, so please contact the team if you’re up for sharing yours).

The original version of this framework is still one of the most-searched for publications on the GCS website, so I know an up-to-date version is something many of you have asked for – and it’s a living document and will continue to evolve, so please drop the team a line and let them know if there’s something else you’d like to see, or a suggestion you want to share.

I’m really proud of what we’re all already achieving as the GCS, and I’m excited to see our collective capabilities grow. Building the expertise of individuals is crucial for your own career development and opportunities and as our skills and talents develop, so too will GCS’ ability to deliver the best possible communications and serve and support our citizens.


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