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Heart disease and stroke

Continuing fall in mortality.

Deaths for heart disease and stroke have both fallen by a third since 2007, according to new statistics published today.

Mortality rates for coronary heart disease have dropped by 36 per cent under this government (since 2007). Mortality rates from stroke have fallen 33 per cent over the same period.

Incidence rates for coronary heart disease have also fallen by 25 per cent since 2006/07. Incidence of cerebrovascular disease (CVD), of which stroke is one of the most common types, has fallen by 13 per cent over the same period.

Survival rates of people suffering their first emergency admission with a heart attack have increased over the last decade – by eight per cent overall, and by 14 per cent in people over 75.

Maureen Watt, Minister for Public Health, said:

“Heart disease and stroke are two of the most significant causes of death in Scotland, so it’s clearly encouraging to see that mortality rates are continuing to fall.

“These figures show that our strategy for tackling heart disease and stroke is delivering real improvements for patients. We have detailed plans in place, looking at prevention, treatment and after care.

“The decreases are also a sign of better public awareness of the causes of these conditions, and what to do if you or someone you know experiences a heart attack or a stroke.

“We all want to see further reductions in mortality, and the good news is that there are simple steps everyone can take to reduce the risks. Eating better, being more active, stopping smoking and drinking sensibly can all play their part. The Scottish Government is taking firm action in all these areas to support people to live healthier lives.”


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