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ICYMI: Round up of blogs from Week of Winners

Blog posted by: , 11 April 2022 – Categories: A Modern Civil ServiceA Skilled Civil ServiceAn Ambitious Civil Service.

Collage featuring Civil Service Awards 2022 Week of Winners

In December, the Civil Service handed out its very own Oscars equivalent - the Civil Service Awards. Below are our most-read blogs from our Week of Winners campaign, celebrating (and virtually high-fiving) the winners and the amazing stories behind them. 

Winds of change

Imagine the Civil Service 30 years ago. Back then, you often joined straight from school and got paid in cash with a weekly brown pay-packet. Junior grades had their own office and there wasn't a computer in sight, just a clunky fax machine. Since then, civil servants across the country have broken barriers and blazed new paths to climb the career ladder. Our six extraordinary Lifetime Achievement Award winners reveal some of the biggest changes they have seen in the workplace.

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