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Inspection Council calls for platform for effective enforcement in Europe

The Inspection Council wants to create a platform for effective enforcement and enforceable legislation in Europe. The Inspection Council, an umbrella body for Dutch government inspectorates, will be calling for the creation of this platform at the conference ‘Enforcement in a Europe without Borders’, which will be held on 23 February.

With this initiative for cooperation at European level, the Inspection Council is taking a new step towards making enforcement more professional and effective. ‘As Dutch government inspectorates, we don’t need to wait for external solutions to make this work,’ said Jan van den Bos, Chairman of the Inspection Council. ‘We can create our own platform for dialogue and improvement.’

Principles for effective enforcement

In 2014 the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) established a number of principles for effective regulatory enforcement. The Inspection Council is drawing on these principles as a basis for international knowledge exchange and cooperation.

Discussion on cooperation

At the conference more than 130 public administrators representing all the EU member states will be discussing the OECD’s principles, for example:

  • How can better legislation improve enforcement?
  • How can international cooperation help to improve enforcement?
  • What best practices are there? And how can inspectorates take these forward internationally?​

Speakers on challenges and opportunities

In his word of welcome the Inspection Council’s Jan van den Bos will outline the challenges and opportunities associated with international cooperation between European supervisors. Speakers will include Annetje Ottow (Utrecht University), Nick Malyshev (OECD) and Elizabeth Golberg (European Commission). Researchers from the Netherlands School of Public Administration will also be presenting papers on cross-border cooperation between national inspectorates.

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