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Integrated Review Outlined

The Government has outlined the scope of the Integrated Review of Foreign Policy, Defence, Security and International Development

On Wednesday 26 February, the Prime Minister announced a wide-ranging review seeking to find new and innovative ways to promote the UK overseas while continuing to commit 2% of GDP to defence and 0.7% of GNI to international development.

This will be the largest review of the UK’s foreign, defence, security and development policy since the end of the Cold War and will be a policy led initiative aiming to consider ‘the totality of global opportunities and challenges the UK faces.’

Looking at issues including the procurement process used by the Armed Forces, ways to tackle Serious and Organised Crime, and a ‘better use of data and technology’, the Review aims to create a more coherent and strategic approach to overseas activity. Its remit, as set out by government, is to:

  • Define the government's ambition for the UK globally;
  • Make the UK a problem-solving, burden-sharing nation;
  • Determine the capabilities required for future decades;
  • Identify the reforms to government required to achieve this.

The Integrated Review will run in parallel to the Comprehensive Spending Review, ensuring departments are equipped with the resources they need to enact the review’s conclusions.The main bulk of the review is expected to conclude in line with Comprehensive Spending Review later this year, although implementation of its recommendations will be a multi-year project.

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