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Learner with former alcohol problem helps create new addiction recovery qualification

A brand-new addiction recovery qualification has launched after being co-created by someone with a previous alcohol dependency.

Steve Downie, from Chorley, supported Learning Curve Group (LCG) to develop The Principles of Addiction Recovery, designed to increase understanding of addiction and raise awareness of the treatments, care and support available for different types of addiction.  

Accredited by the educational charity and leader in technical and vocational learning NCFE, the qualification utilises Steve’s lived experience with problematic alcohol use to educate others on the details of addiction and recovery.  

Having battled alcohol addiction for years, Steve sought help and made a full recovery. After discovering LCG’s online courses in mental health and counselling, he was able to fulfill his dream to support and teach other individuals with drug-dependencies.  

Speaking about the new qualification, Steve said: "I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Learning Curve Group, the business that effectively saved my life, and to contribute to a cause that is so close to my heart.  

“My journey of recovery has taught me the value of education and community support. I hope this course can inspire and empower others to support addicts in overcoming their struggles and create positive changes in their lives." 

LCG, a leading provider of training and education, witnessed Steve's incredible transformation firsthand. Inspired by his journey, and recognising the invaluable insights he could offer, it approached Steve to collaborate on the development of a comprehensive Level 2 online course on addiction recovery. 

The course covers various aspects of addiction recovery, including understanding addiction, the treatment and transitional care for addiction, support available for recovery and rehabilitation, and post-addiction recovery and relapse prevention. 

Steve's lived experience lends a unique perspective to the course content. Drawing from his own challenges, triumphs, and the knowledge he acquired during his recovery journey, Steve has played a vital role in instigating a curriculum that combines theory with real-life application. 

"We are honoured to collaborate with Steve on this incredible online course," said Lizzy Owen, the Director of Curriculum Growth, Design and Enhancement at Learning Curve Group.  

"His journey from addiction to recovery and his commitment to sharing his experiences to help others is truly inspiring. This course represents our shared vision of providing educational opportunities that can really transform individuals’ lives. 

“The need for education and training to enable improvements in addiction treatment and relapse prevention has been identified as essential to successfully implementing national and regional strategies.” 

Steve now works to empower others in his role as Founder of Breakthrough Recovery Chorley Group, a community that delivers four-weekly mutual aid support groups to help individuals with behaviour change and donated his commission from the development of the qualification to the group.  

Andrew Barton, Senior Operations Manager at NCFE, said: “NCFE recognise the importance of this qualification to not only understand addiction, but how addiction recovery can be managed. Supporting people through addiction recovery will not only benefit individuals but also the wider community, with the benefits of this qualification and the impact to those who struggle with addiction being key in its development.”  

The Level 2 qualification is accessible to everyone of working age (16 and over) and is particularly applicable to those seeking entry into job roles which require knowledge of addiction recovery, such as in the healthcare, social care, childcare, education, and housing sectors. 

You can discover more about the course and see if it’s right for you by visiting the Learning Curve website.


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