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Metsola calls for more military support to Ukraine and a united response to energy crisis

EP President Roberta Metsola’s strong call for European unity in providing military support to Ukraine and in response to the energy crisis at the Prague informal European Council.

On European unity and shared responsibility:

“Europe is once again at a decision point. We did not invite this moment, we did not provoke this moment, but we must face it. We must remain united and that means that the sacrifices we must bear must be shared.”

On military support to Ukraine:

“Ukrainians need to be able to defend themselves. In this new, more dangerous phase of war, they need the heavy armour that will allow them to push back.”

On responding to the energy crisis:

“We need a strong signal of unity. This is why the European Parliament has called for an EU bloc-wide gas price cap.”

“We cannot outbid each other. Many energy companies are making huge profits on the market speculation. Excess profits should be directed to alleviate the situation facing households, SMEs and industries struggling with skyrocketing bills. My proposal is that we learn from the pandemic – and , like with vaccines, we negotiate as a block and stop the price speculation.”

“We need better, more regular cooperation between States on long-term gas prices. By spring, our gas storages will need refilling, and we must be in a situation where we can buy reasonably priced gas from reliable partners.”

On Russian war crimes:

“It is time for all of us to support a special international tribunal to hold every single perpetrator to account for their crimes. These crimes can never be committed with impunity.”

On sanctions:

They are working. The view of the European parliament is clear: we should go further. We can do so in a way that preserves our unity, closes the loopholes and puts the costs on Russia.”

President Metsola’s full speech can be found here.


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