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Modern slavery statement registry updated

The modern slavery statement registry has been updated to encourage businesses to upload their annual modern slavery statements.

The modern slavery statement registry has been updated to encourage UK companies to help the government’s efforts to tackle this barbaric crime.

The changes will encourage businesses to upload their annual modern slavery statements in a timely way and support them to publish robust statements.

Modern slavery statements help reduce the risk of forced labour being used in UK supply chains by increasing transparency and allowing consumers to make informed choices.

The nature of modern slavery and complexity of global supply chains means it is highly unlikely that any sector or business is immune from the risks. We do not want any business to claim they are ‘slavery free’.

If a statement shows there is a risk of modern slavery in a company’s supply chains, the statement allows them to demonstrate the steps they are taking to address it year on year.

The following updates to the registry are now live:

  • one-off email notification to registered companies who have not uploaded a statement since the registry was launched in 2021
  • email reminders to registered companies every year to prompt them to submit their latest annual statement
    • if companies have not yet uploaded their annual statement, they will first receive a reminder one month before the deadline
    • a further reminder will be sent 2 weeks before the deadline and a final reminder one week prior to the deadline
  • changes to the statement summary pages and search pages to clearly show how many of the recommended sections a company has completed on the registry – this will allow customers to make more informed decisions and see how companies are working to eliminate modern slavery in their supply chains

As part of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, some companies are legally required to publish statements if all of the following criteria apply:

  • it is a ‘body corporate’ or a partnership, wherever incorporated or formed
  • it carries on a business, or part of a business, in the UK
  • it supplies goods or services
  • it has an annual turnover of £36 million or more

Modern slavery statements can also bring a number of business benefits including:

  • protecting and enhancing an organisation’s reputation and brand
  • protecting and growing the organisation’s customer base as more consumers seek out businesses with higher ethical standards
  • improved investor confidence
  • greater staff retention and loyalty based on values and respect
  • developing more responsive, stable and innovative supply chains

See our guidance on publishing an annual modern slavery statement to help you identify if your organisation needs to publish a modern slavery statement and how to upload to the registry.

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