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Networking opportunity for GAD's clients

Clients and stakeholders have discussed the benefits of GAD’s analysis and actuarial insights on their projects at a key networking event.

Around 30 clients and stakeholders have attended a major networking event hosted by the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD).

It was held at the Westminster Central Hall, London. The event offered the chance for people to create further connections across government and the public sector.

Attendees discussed the benefits of GAD’s analysis and actuarial insights on their projects and networked with GAD colleagues on key issues affecting the department’s work.

Stakeholder connections

The event was attended by people from the actuarial profession, as well as government, and the public sector.

The mix of stakeholders included the Local Government Association, the Bank of England and the Pension Protection Fund.

Attendees also yesterday heard from the Chair of GAD’s Management Board, Les Philpott. He referred to the strength of GAD’s impact under the leadership of the Government Actuary Martin Clarke:

“Innovations to the department’s working methods and processes, and the application of modern analytical technology, have without question positioned GAD to deliver, expand and sustain its professional advice and support to our clients to the highest possible standards.”

Joanne Donnelly, the head of pensions at the Local Government Association added:

“All of my experience of GAD has been positive. I have always worked with actuaries who were knowledgeable, really on top of what they do and clearly very good at what they do.”

Former Government Actuary Chris Daykin (L), current Government Actuary Martin Clarke (M), next Government Actuary Fiona Dunsire (R)

Challenges and expertise

Government Actuary Martin Clarke yesterday said:

“The networking event illustrated the high regard that GAD is held in across the public sector. Our clients appreciate the expertise we bring to their challenges.

“Being the Government Actuary has been one of the privileges of my career and I am confident that there is a continued bright future for GAD.”

The incoming Government Actuary Fiona Dunsire added:

“I am proud to have been appointed as the next Government Actuary.

“The wide range of clients and stakeholders at the networking event illustrated the importance of GAD in government and the public sector. Together we will continue to extend the breadth and impact of the work done by GAD.”


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