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People experiencing mental illness to get improved care in Essex

The quality of care provided to people at North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust experiencing mental illness is set to improve, as Monitor steps in to help the trust make changes to the way it is run.

The trust was recently inspected by the independent Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC report found the trust “required improvement” and has required a number of changes to be made to improve the quality of its services and how it is led.

As a result of this inspection report, Monitor launched an investigation which has found the trust hasn’t been able to adequately address the issues raised on its own. The trust has agreed it will work closely with the regulator to improve the way its run so it can be more responsive and can deliver the high quality of care that people expect.

The trust - which provides inpatient and community services across Essex and surrounding areas - is already working closely with local health partners to help find ways of improving the quality of its services. Monitor will work with the trust to ensure these changes are implemented quickly, whilst also supporting the trust’s leadership to improve how it runs the organisation.

Marianne Loynes, Regional Director at Monitor, said:

People experiencing mental illness in Essex expect to receive good quality care from their local trust. We understand the challenges facing North Essex Partnership but we want to see it improve the quality of the services it provides to people for years to come.

The CQC’s report flagged serious concerns around the effectiveness of the trust’s leadership and quality of its services, demonstrating a need for urgent action to implement the right improvements. Monitor is stepping in to offer the trust the support it needs to pick up the pace and start making long lasting improvements.

Monitor will continue working closely with the trust to support it as it makes the necessary improvements.


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