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Playing fields continue to be protected

New figures show we continue to uphold our commitment to protecting and enhancing playing field provision.

Our commitment to protecting playing fields means that 94% of all concluded planning applications in England have resulted in improved or safeguarded facilities.

The figures, released yesterday, cover the period April 2018-March 2019 and highlight our enduring commitment to protect and enhance playing fields as part of our role as a statutory consultee on planning applications.

This means we must be consulted whenever anyone wants to develop on a playing field and we’ll always object if we believe sports provision in the community will be diminished as a result.

A man and a women set up the nets on a football goal before a game.

The data shows:

  • 94% (1,078 out of 1,144) of concluded planning applications affecting playing fields resulted in improved or safeguarded sports provision.
  • In 43% of the cases where we originally objected to an application, further negotiations led to an overall improvement in sports provision.
  • Of the 130 applications where we maintained our objection, 64 were either withdrawn by the applicants or refused planning permission.

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