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Scotland’s Future

150 young people joining Cabinet event in Glasgow’s SECC.

More than 150 young people from across Scotland will quiz the First Minister and other members of his Cabinet at a special meeting in Glasgow later this month.

The event, which will take place on Friday 20 June at the Glasgow SECC, is being held to help the Scottish Government engage and respond to young people’s questions regarding Scotland’s Future.

Youth organisations have worked in partnership with the Scottish Government to design the format of the event, to inspire young people’s participation in the democratic process.

Ministers will participate in a series of small discussion groups with young people, addressing key themes such as education, health and the economy in an independent Scotland.

The event will also be streamed live on the internet, with young people and Modern Apprentices closely involved in the compering, filming and broadcasting of the event.

First Minister Alex Salmond said:

“Scotland’s referendum this September offers a huge opportunity for this nation, and we want young people to be as engaged in the debate as possible.

“Scotland’s Future clearly sets out our vision for an independent country, and how we can use Scotland’s immense wealth to build a fairer and more prosperous nation, including the creation of more jobs and opportunities for young people.

“This special cabinet event in Glasgow will offer all the young people attending, and those watching online, the chance to ask myself and other members of the Scottish Cabinet anything they like about the issues they are interested in. I look forward to what will be a lively exchange, at a fantastic venue.”

Kyle Thornton, Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament, said:

“Young people across Scotland have been telling the Scottish Youth Parliament that they want clear answers to their questions about the Independence Referendum. They want to be able to engage with and shape the debate. One of the most important ways to enable them to do that is to ensure their questions and opinions are heard.

“We are therefore delighted that young people will have the opportunity to pose their questions on Scotland’s Future directly to the Scottish Government. Through our work at the Scottish Youth Parliament we know that when you engage with people on their terms and on their issues, people are much more likely to vote. We want to ensure young people are as engaged as possible and that the importance of their involvement in democratic debate is recognised.”

Notes To Editors

Scottish Youth Parliament, Young Scot and YouthLink Scotland, the national agency for youth work, have given guidance to the Scottish Government in enabling this event to take place. All three organisations are working together to raise participation in the coming referendum and to ensure young people have access to sources of impartial information so they can make an informed decision for themselves.

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