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Supporting learners into futureproof careers through endorsed courses

The National Talent Academy provides online courses that equip learners with the essential skills they need to start a successful career. Based on the Futureproof Careers Framework, their NCFE-endorsed courses are designed to support post-16 learners in colleges, schools, traineeships, and apprenticeships.  

The courses they offer cover a range of helpful topics to set learners up for professional success in their chosen careers. Whether learners are interested in ‘Finding a futureproof career’, 'Speaking confidently in public', 'Making good financial choices' or ‘Developing a winning mentality’, the National Talent Academy’s endorsed courses are delivered in an engaging multi-media online format, with videos, quizzes, worksheets, and self-reflection activities. 

David Jaffa, Founder of the National Talent Academy, explained why they chose to make use of NCFE’s endorsement services to help them achieve their vision:

“We wanted to create essential skills courses of excellent quality at a price that every school, college, and training provider can afford. By choosing NCFE’s endorsed programme route, that is what we now have.” 

Stamp of approval 

Seeking the stamp of approval that endorsement by an industry leader in vocational and technical learning offered, David explained:

“Having an NCFE endorsement demonstrates to schools, colleges, and training providers that our courses are robust and high quality.”  

Certificates featuring NCFE branding are awarded automatically at the point of completion through the National Talent Academy’s online platform. This keeps administration costs down, whilst also providing learners with something credible to demonstrate the training they have completed.  

David continued:

“Learners are keen to get their certificate and are proud of their achievement. The NCFE-endorsed certificate increases learner engagement and motivation and helps learning centres ‘sell’ the benefits to learners.” 

Specialist support 

Throughout the process, NCFE’s Accreditation and Employer Services team were on hand to advise which product offering would meet the specific requirements of David’s organisation. They were able to offer expert advice through a full review of each course, providing valuable suggestions on how to optimise the content. 

David said:

“We found NCFE easy to work with. They want us to succeed, and always go the extra mile to be helpful. Most of all we were impressed by the speed of response from NCFE. We were typically able to get new courses approved well within NCFE’s 15-day service-level agreement (SLA) for reviewing and approving new courses.” 

Facilitating success 

Learners who have taken part in NCFE-endorsed courses with the National Talent Academy come away with clear career goals, as well as developing essential skills such as their communication and self-confidence.  

David commented:

“Their personal growth is remarkable, especially when you consider the courses are delivered through an online platform for as little as £15 per learner.  

“We aim to positively impact the lives of as many young people as possible and our partnership with NCFE enables us to keep the cost-per-learner down while offering an NCFE badge of quality.” 

To find out more about NCFE’s Accreditation and Employer Services, visit our website or call us on 0191 240 8833. 


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