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Temporary protection for more applicants to the Settlement Scheme

Those who apply late to the EU Settlement Scheme, and joining family members, will have rights protected while their application is determined.

EEA citizens and their family members who apply late to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) will have their rights protected as the Home Office continues to support those wanting to stay in the UK.

More than 6 million applications were made to the hugely successful EUSS before the 30 June 2021 deadline for those resident in the UK by the end of the transition period, with more than 5.1 million grants of status. Those who applied by the deadline already have their rights protected pending the outcome of their application (and of any appeal).

The Home Office has put in place comprehensive arrangements to enable those with reasonable grounds for missing the deadline to apply to the EUSS.

While the numbers applying late have been small compared to pre-deadline application numbers, to provide further reassurance to late applicants the government will protect their rights until their application and any appeal is decided.

The government will also take a similar approach with joining family members, who will have temporary protection for three months after their arrival in the UK and pending the outcome of an EUSS application made during that period (and of any appeal).

Minister for Future Borders and Immigration Kevin Foster recently said:

Every day thousands of people are being given status through the hugely successful EU Settlement Scheme. We’ve worked hard to ensure the vast majority applied before the 30 June deadline and are now supporting those making late applications.

Granting temporary protection to those who apply late to the scheme, and to joining family members, demonstrates our continued support to ensure everybody eligible is granted the status they deserve.

The government has informed the European Commission and is working to implement this generous approach to provide further clarity to EU citizens. Further details will be published in due course.

In the meantime, employers and landlords are advised to get in touch with the Employer and Landlord Checking Services if they have a prospective employee or tenant who has confirmation of a late application to the EUSS.


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