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The Duke of Edinburgh visits 2 RIFLES and trainees of Operation Interflex

The Duke of Edinburgh has visited 2RIFLES to hear about their involvement in Operation Interflex.

His Royal Highness heard more about the Battalion’s involvement with Operation Interflex, the codename for the UK Armed Forces’ training programme to develop and prepare Ukrainian recruits. Over 17,000 Ukrainians have gone through the five-week training.

The Duke met and heard from trainees, before watching them in action.

Operation INTERFLEX is run by nine partner forces in addition to the UK, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The visit follows from His Royal Highness's previous visit in June earlier this year, when he met new Ukrainian recruits to the training programme.

Channel website: https://www.royal.uk/

Original article link: https://www.royal.uk/news-and-activity/2023-08-11/the-duke-of-edinburgh-visits-2-rifles-and-trainees-of-operation

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