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What is the new Care Certificate? Everything you need to know

A new Care Certificate for social care workers is being launched in June 2024. Craig Wade, Sector Manager for Health and Social Care, explains what it is, who the care certificate is for, and where to get it. 

What is the new Care Certificate? 

NCFE is developing a specification for the new Care Certificate qualification as part of the Skills for Care commissioning by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC).   

The regulated Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate is based on the existing standards and will be live from June 2024.   

With £53.91m being provided by the DHSC, there are 37,000 fully funded places available for people in direct adult social care roles to complete the qualification between June 2024 and March 2025.   

Who is the new Care Certificate for? 

The new Care Certificate is aimed at those who enter the social care sector without a qualification. 

According to Skills for Care, this currently represents more than half (54%) of the workforce who don’t hold a relevant social care qualification. Of those that do hold a qualification, 2% have a Level 1 and 19% a Level 2. 

The ambition is for the Care Certificate to support people to not only remain in social care but build a rewarding and fulfilling career. By becoming qualified and further professionalising the sector, it will benefit both the workforce and those they support.  

Who can deliver the new Care Certificate? 

If you’re a training provider, you can deliver the new Care Certificate from June 2024 onwards. If you’re currently delivering the existing Care Certificate, you can also switch to the new qualification. In either case, speak to our team about the options available to you. 

If you’re a social care employer and thinking about offering the new Care Certificate to your staff, the DHSC has confirmed that reimbursement for each learner will be up to £1500. If you have any ideas or specific education or training needs to support your current and future workforce, we can help. Get in touch to discuss your options.  

As the number one awarding organisation for social care, we’re committed to helping stop the stop gap and facilitating rewarding careers in this vital sector. 

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