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Why Scotland is better off staying in the UK

Vince Cable's speech outlines government’s long-term economic plan and how Scottish businesses are better off with UK industrial strategy. 

During a recent trip to Glasgow to visit Rolls-Royce Aerospace and The Weir Group Business Secretary Vince Cable has set out the business case for Scotland’s continued membership of the UK in a speech to businesses.

Vince Cable said:

To continue job creation – to raise living standards – across the UK, we need balanced economic growth, to maintain business confidence and to encourage investment. I don’t believe Scottish independence can sustain these conditions as effectively and efficiently as the UK.

Scottish businesses are better off with a UK-wide approach to industrial policy; a UK-wide approach to public investment in science and infrastructure; with a single, flexible labour market operating under common rules with no barriers to movement.

Read Vince Cable’s full speech

Addressing skills shortages and boosting exports

From its Industrial Strategy the government has adopted a new, pro-business way to focus its involvement to address skills shortages and deliver better access to commercial finance, and boost technological competitiveness andexports.

Queen’s Speech 2014 and Scotland

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A fairer labour market to help create more jobs

The government has also helped deliver high employment figures and a fairer labour market for Scotland, with the creation of a record number of new jobs and progressive employment legislation, including:

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