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Youth Action Plan: Council involves young people in policy-making

The Council recently (28 November 2022) approved conclusions on the Youth Action Plan for engaging young people in EU external action. It supports the involvement of young people worldwide in policy-making by boosting their participation and engagement in international fora and allocating the necessary resources.

The Council recognises the significant contributions of youth to the development of a more inclusive, equitable, sustainable and just future and pays tribute to the young people who dedicate every day of their lives to creating a better world.

The protection of young activists and human rights defenders across the world is required. The Council recognises the need to support youth in conflict-affected regions, especially in the context of wars, conflicts and crises, such as the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the violent repression of the peaceful protests in Iran, the suppression of civil society in Belarus and the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

Youth empowerment is linked to having fundamental and transferable skills, which are essential to the transition from school to work, and allow for equal access to decent work and productive employment. This is key for creating jobs and businesses and empowering young people, particularly women and girls, to ensure they can enjoy a life of dignity.

Young people’s health should be approached holistically. That is why the Council underlines the importance of supporting global efforts towards universal health coverage and digital health while addressing youth mental health issues.

The Council also emphasises the importance of supporting inclusive mobility of young people worldwide.

The Commission and the High Representative adopted a communication on the Youth Action Plan in EU external action 2022 – 2027 on 4 October 2022.

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