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techUK welcomes you to the Cloud computing campaign week

On Monday 15th June, techUK will launch this year’s Cloud Campaign Week. Throughout the week we will be bringing you immersive news, views and insights from experts in the technology sector on how UK organisations can realise the full potential of cloud services, the steps that need to be taken to drive the market forward and the lessons that can be learned.

We will be sharing guest blogs, articles and social media activity reflecting on how the current cloud landscape is evolving, what the risks and opportunities are and the crucial role cloud computing is playing to help keep the UK on the path to a secure and resilient digital future.

Following will be the four key areas of our focus during the week:

  1. Cloud adoption in key markets and sectors
  2. Ensuring secure adoption and use of cloud services
  3. Relevance of cloud in the climate change debate
  4. Developing a skilled cloud workforce for the UK

We are looking forward to members interested in taking this opportunity to provide their input on any of the four topics above – we want to hear from you. If interested, please do kindly get in touch with the undersigned.  All blogs must be submitted under our contributor guidelines found here.

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