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techUK's Private Networks workshop series 2021

Kicking off on 10 June 2021, techUK's Communications Infrastructure and Services Programme will host a five workshops through to 7 July on Private Networks. The workshops will act as a "feed in" to a white paper that will be published later in the year. 

The aim of the white paper is to help stimulate demand for enhance wireless connectivity in private networks across industry verticals through sharing learnings from use cases in ports and logistics, manufacturing and Industry 4.0, and healthcare.  

In drafting the white paper—and as we navigate the complexity in private networks—techUK will outline the benefits of deploying private networks that can be targeted to support business-specific value chains and use-cases, while leveraging recent enhancements (such as the definition of 5G Non-Public Networks together with new spectrum allocations, new network architectures, and the enabling of digital transformation). 

We will also address the key challenges, and discuss how best to deliver the innovation potential of non-public networks for enterprise. Finally, the impact on the service providers and mobile network operators will be examined, and the role of the public sector in the deployment and use of private networks. Our aim is to realise the benefits of private networks across all levels of industry including SMEs and small enterprise. 

About the workshops

Next month, we will convene five techUK member-only workshops to explore three industry verticals (Ports and Logistics; Health and Social Care; Manufacturing and Industry 4.0), the security of private networks and regulatory framework, and a summary session examining the innovation, challenges and opportunity of private networks. For more information, please see below. Note - techUK members will need to log-in to access the links and register to attend. 

Private Networks Workshop Series 2021

Workshop 1: Ports and logistics – 10 June
Workshop 2: Health and social care – 17 June
Workshop 3: Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 – 24 June
Workshop 4: Security and regulatory framework – 1 July
Workshop 5: Fostering the ecosystem – 7 July

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