Beyond good intentions - The need to move from intention to action to manage information

Are You Doing Enough to Confront Risk?

Beyond Good Intentions: Latest In-Depth Report.....


Information is the oxygen of every organisation, it is essential and everywhere. It includes knowledge and learning, system generated data, product and customer information, day-to-day communications, archived paper documentation, together with corporate intellectual property.

But with a larger volume, variety and type of information comes risks – risks that are wide ranging and if not properly managed and/or mitigated can have a critical and damaging business impact.

This latest in-depth report, produced by PwC in conjunction with Iron Mountain, provides recent industry comparisons, authoritative guidance, best practice advice and case studies, as well as addressing the following:

  • Responsibility for information: is it in the hands of the right people? 
  • Exploiting data to its full potential 
  • What are the best organisations doing differently? 
  •  Adopting best practice: Information Governance

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