General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

Office for National Statistics partners with WGSN Instock to develop data accuracy – (ONS:  Chapter 1 – Overview of violent crime & sexual offences ~ Chapter 2 – Homicide ~ Chapter 3 – Offences involving the use of weapons ~ Chapter 4 – Intimate personal violence and partner abuse)

NAO:  Managing the supply of NHS clinical staff in England

NAO:  The UK competition regime ~ CMA welcomes NAO report

NAO:  Investigation into the acceptance of gifts & hospitality

NAO:  Training New Teachers

NAO:  Investigation into members’ experience of civil service pension administration ~ FDA welcomes NAO’s recommendations on civil service pension administration

WAO:  Health boards need to strengthen their arrangements for managing the impact of private practice on the NHS

PC&PE:  Reform of cancer drugs fund must consider benefits to patients

PC&PE:  Climate change targets at risk without CCS investment

PC&PE:  Committee expresses concerns over funding of Right to Buy ~ LGA Responds to CLG Committee on Right to Buy Extension

PC&PE:  Fiscal framework must be true to principles of Smith Commission

PC&PE:  BBC governance needs radical overhaul, Committee report finds

PC&PE:  Investigatory Powers - on the right track but significant changes needed

National Ombudsmen:  LGO report highlights wider impact of financial abuse of vulnerable people

DWP:  Benefit cap - 950 households a month move into work, stop claiming Housing benefit or reduce their claim

DECC:  Evaluation of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

techUK:  Lord Carter is right to demand greater digital maturity & integration in the NHS – (techUK:  Open Standard Application Programming Interface (API) in banking)

NIESR: February 2016 GDP estimates

IEA welcomes the end of state-funded lobbying – (IEA:  Flat-rate pensions ‘tax relief’ would be devoid of any economic rationale ~ IEA:  Abolishing Network Rail could save families £180 each year)

CSJ calls for bold new measure of poverty ~ JRF:  Responding to the Annual Poverty lecture speech

IFS:  Boxed in by his own rule, Mr Osborne has to pull off a precarious balancing act

NIESR: Facts can beat fiction in the immigration debate

Kings Fund:  British public's satisfaction with the NHS falls by 5 percentage points

Work Foundation:  Britain being overwhelmed by long-term conditions

Policy Exchange:  James Cracknell argues for a tax on sugary drinks

IPPR:  Small charities face double whammy of cash cuts and rising demand

Adam Smith Inst:  Liberalise immigration to boost international development, says new report

Ofgem publishes energy suppliers’ 2015 complaints data

CIPD:  More UK employees in a workplace pension but employers are feeling the pinch