Health, Social Care and Homelessness (Archive)

DH:  Public Health England highlights the late flu season – (DH:  New improved prostate pack for GPs)

NHS England:  200,000 people given the skills to contact the doctor online reducing NHS costs – (NHS England:  Sustainability & Transformation leaders confirmed ~ NHS England publishes Business Plan 2016/17 ~ Helping doctors respond to the needs of transgender people ~ NHS England takes robust action on conflicts of interest ~ New CCG improvement & assessment framework launched ~ NHS England:  Patient safety alert – prioritisation of general practice home visits)

CQC:  Improving our customer experience

Monitor:  Millions of patients across England given greater say in their local community healthcare

NHS Confederation response to the rise in CQC fees

DECC:  UK, US and EU sign landmark deal to turn nuclear material into cancer-fighting treatment

WAG:  More NHS eye care to be provided in local communities – (WAG:  More frontline staff working in the Welsh NHS than ever before ~ WAG to invest £10.3m in 94 new ambulances ~ WAG:  Reduction in emergency admissions & hospital stays for diabetes patients ~ WAG:  Collaborative project to help missing children in Gwent praised ~ WAG:  New teams to support people with mental health needs in Welsh hospitals ~ WAG:  Talks underway to drive forward plans for unique Wellness & Life Science Village in Llanelli ~ WAG:  Health Minister thanks Healthy Prestatyn Iach team)

CAB:  Companies failing people applying for health & disability benefits

Ofsted:  Tri-borough demonstrates outstanding leadership and social work

PC&PE:  Government inaction is failing disabled people

PC&PE:  Gaps in welfare safety net still pose risk Committee says

PC&PE:  Assessments system still failing claimants & taxpayers

LGA:  Funding needed to avoid National Living Wage pushing social care services closer to breaking point – (LGA:  ribbon Health Councils respond to ukactive calls to tackle 'sedentary lifestyle' of children ~ LGA:  More low-alcohol cider, beer, wine & spirits needed to tackle health problems and meet surge in non-drinkers)

JRF:  Growing up in poverty detrimental to children’s friendships & family life

Adam Smith Inst.:   Comment - NHS was designed to care for patients, not to act as welfare scheme for staff

IEA:  UK is third worst country in the EU for nanny state interference

CLG:  Thousands more people taking up their Right to Buy – (CLG:  New government plans for 1 new home in 5 to be a starter home)

LGA:  Housing survey: councils warn of rise in homelessness and waiting lists

NICE publishes report on approaches to assessing innovative regenerative medicines – (NICE tackles complex health issues for people with multi-morbidity)

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