Health, Social Care and Homelessness (Archive)

DH:  Junior doctor contract negotiations – (DH:  HSCIC changing its name to NHS Digital ~ DH:  Changes to Nursing & Midwifery Council governing legislation ~ Junior doctor contract negotiations; In advance of the industrial action planned for 26 & 27 April, NHS England has created ‘NHS strike’ for use by patients & the public)

NHS England:  Take this chance to have your say - (NHS England:  Safe sex reminder as antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea investigations continue ~ NHS England:  New Quick Guide supports patients’ choices ~ NHS England:  New standards for Congenital Heart Disease services now in play – Will Huxter ~ NHS England:  Building the right support starts now ~ NHS England:  3m patients benefit from new innovations in pioneering NHS programme ~ NHS England:  From the fringes to the mainstream ~ CE of largest integrated community & mental health trust appointed as new NHS England National Mental Health Director ~ NHS England:  Having a job has turned my son’s life around)

NHS England backs general practice with a multi-billion transformation plan ~ NHS Confed. responds to a multi-billion pound plan for general practice ~ PC&PE:  Primary care under strain & struggling with rising demand ~ CQC supports 5-year vision for general practice in England ~ LGA Councils respond to GP rescue package)

MPs back CQC regulation of general practices

ICO statement on Health & Social Care Information Centre undertaking

NAO:  Mental health services: preparations for improving access ~ NHS Confed: Mental Health Network responds to the National Audit Office report on access to services

NHS Confederation:  Role of the independent sector in delivering NHS care

LGA:  Hospitals spending £35m on "rotting teeth" in children – (LGA:  Councils respond to NHS rethink over HIV treatment)

techUK meets Professor Robert Wachter

BHF:  Study links loneliness & heart disease ~ LGA:  Councils respond to report on loneliness & isolation

BHF:  Could testosterone explain why men are at increased heart disease risk?

Cancer Research UK:  Gene editing could stop cancer cells escaping the immune system

Diabetes UK:  Gut hormone found to be major player in Type 2 diabetes remission

BCS Health, CHIME and Digital Health in partnership discussions – (BCS:  Professional bodies announce scoping report for improving health & care through professional standards)

Crown Commercial Service:  Free workshops for NHS trusts: implementing the new agency rules

NICE: Faster access to effective cancer treatments through new Cancer Drugs Fund – (NICE seeks to streamline mental health care in England ~ Antibiotic resistance 'high among children with urinary tract infections' ~ A long-term solution to antibiotic resistance can only be achieved if we act now)

Homeless Link:  Nowhere Fast - the reality of unsupported temporary accommodation

VAPC:  New study examines homelessness among London’s Veterans

NEF:  Four steps to fix the UK’s housing crisis

Governance, Risk and Compliance: Creating an Effective Business Case for a GRC Platform