ICT and Data Management / Security (Archive)

techUK:  NHS Digital Briefing on Digital Child and Maternal Health – (techUK:  One Year to go Until GDPR! ~ techUK:  The Brave New World of GDPR)

ICO:  Interesting times, and how we navigate them – (ICO:  Will GDPR Change the World? event ~ ICO:  Businesses warned to prepare with one year until data protection law change)

BCS Youngest Scientist ever to win MBE – (BCS:  Technology needed to transform politics on social media)

UK Online Centres:  Join us for The Yorkshire Digital Inclusion Meetup

Adam Smith Inst:  Undermining encryption will make us less safe and do nothing to stop ISIS

CBI: Half of firms expect AI to transform their industry

AXELOS:  The blueprint – a cornerstone of programmes and MSP® - (AXELOS\;  How AXELOS’ PRINCE2® and PMI’s PMBOK® are complementary ~ AXELOS:  Meet AXELOS' ITIL® Team)

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