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The UK’s future prosperity is ‘under threat’

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT welcomes the Royal Society report (After the Reboot: Computing Education in UK Schools) - published recently.

The report states that computing education across the UK is patchy & fragile.  Many teachers aren’t confident enough to teach the subject and the number of female pupils opting to take the subject remains very low.

The Institute strongly supports the report’s recommendations that steps must be taken to address these issues which are vital if the UK is going to remain competitive:  In England, all schools need to put in place arrangements to meet the requirements of the Key Stage 4 national curriculum for all pupils.  

Steps must be taken improve gender balance in computing.  Measures also need to be put in place to ensure there is a strong supply of computing teachers entering the profession and to provide support to existing teachers, with and without expertise in computing.
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