ART (Adoption Readiness Tool) Delivering on Compliance, Collaboration and Cost-Savings

The drive to deliver digital public services further and faster inevitably creates increased demand for a more software savvy workforce. The latest research underlines the importance of on demand learning across the public sector: 

  • 80% of IT managers realise user training and documentation is critical to project success
  • Without this over 40% of purchased software ends up as shelfware
  • Untrained users need 6x more support than trained users

This latest guide uses recent case studies to demonstrate how continuous enablement and increased user adoption can lead to better compliance, cost-reduction and improved performance.

Following recent deployments across a wide range of organisations have:

  • Saved 50 – 75 % of time to produce and maintain materials
  • Significantly reduced “how to” calls to the support desk
  • Paid back their investment in under 6 months.

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