Getting up to Speed on GDPR

Search online for the phrase “data is the new oil” and you’ll see it’s used by (and attributed to) many people. Data is a precious and highly valuable commodity. Data is the fuel pumping through today’s digital business, power­ing communications and commerce.

Government organisations the world over are mining data to turn raw information into real insight—to drive improved public services and realise increasingly important cost efficiencies.

The trade-off for this great power is, as the saying goes, great responsibility. That’s another reason why data is like oil—because it’s a nightmare to clean up when it leaks. Therefore, organisations must ensure they’re protecting their data with appropriate systems and policies. As such, information security will figure prominently in developing a comprehen­sive approach to EU GDPR. 

GDPR may seem onerous at first glance, but if your organisation already complies with current data protection regulations, it should be a relatively small step to take in order to align with the updated controls and requirements because many of the fundamentals remain the same.

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