Scottish Environment Protection Agency Divorces the Desktop for a Mobile Workstyle

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is Scotland’s environment watchdog. With 1,200 employees and 25 premises across the country from the Highlands and Islands to the Borders, its role is to protect and improve Scotland’s environment.

The Challenge: Reducing carbon cost whilst increasing employee flexibility

IT Services Manager Jav Yaqub explains, “When your IT is spread across 25 sites, you have a different set of problems to solve. Managing 1,200 individual PCs is too much of a challenge technically, environmentally and financially.  As an environmental regulator, one of our objectives is to avoid unnecessary travel. We don’t want engineers travelling up and down Scotland fixing issues and we don’t want to be shipping newly configured kit out to new employees. It’s just too clunky, inefficient and most importantly, it’s not green.”

The Solution: Divorcing the Desktop for a Mobile Workstyle

Yaqub’s team looked at how to deliver a completely virtual desktop solution across the agency. "The idea of having desktop management centralised and using low power thin-client devices was very attractive," Yaqub explains "With Citrix, you are buying a complete end to end solution that provides remote access, network optimisation, application streaming and a virtual desktop. It’s also very lean on the network."

Key Benefits:

  • Enriching workstyles through greater flexibility and efficiency
  • Reducing carbon and energy costs by 90%
  • Enabling better use of expensive resources

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