Sending Real Time Patient Data - Improving Patient Outcomes

Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) NHS Foundation Trust had previously implemented a paper-based “Early Warning” system in the hospital, which aimed to recognise and monitor patients’ vital signs by scoring their results. The Trust quickly realised the limitations of a paper-based approach, where results weren’t immediately available and legibility of notes was sporadic. 

Solution: Together with Sensyne Health, a web-based application was developed - The System for Electronic Notification and Documentation (SEND™) - which monitored patient health, both within medical facilities and from home, delivering early warning scores to clinicians. A key criteria for launch was connectivity from Cloud Gateway to connect the Azure hosted application to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) to securely deliver patient data in real-time.

Impact and Outcomes to date: 

  • Equivalent of 3.5 full-time nurses’ time delivered back to the hospital every 24 hours
  • Clinical care of over 200,000 patients has been enhanced
  • Cardiac arrests reduced by up to 63%

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