Winning the Digital Transformation Game?

Latest Survey Reveals Public Sector Leading on Best Practice

A recent survey of over 400 IT decision-makers in the UK has revealed some surprising facts about the state of digital transformation in the public sector. For example, adoption of cloud-based services is more widespread than you might think.

  • Over 40% already have high levels of digital transformation projects underway
  • 58% are now using cloud infrastructure

In fact, the public sector is taking the lead over the private sector when it comes to best practice in this area.

However, when it comes to critical aspects of customer interaction with public services, the research shows that many people still prefer to pick up the phone. This is particularly the case when it comes to personal issues such as health, property, finance and education. But rather than being at odds with digital transformation, telephony can be at the heart of your plans for change.

Download the report to find out:

  • How your organisation’s IT compares with others in the public sector when it comes to digital transformation
  • What are other IT decisions makers’ priorities
  • How Voice remains central to the customer experience

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