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5 Trends in Leading Edge Communications

5 Trends in Leading Edge Communications identifies the trends every GCS member needs to be aware of to deliver world-class communications in a fast-paced and increasingly complex sector.

The communications sector is inherently dynamic: the only certainties are that tomorrow our audiences will be a little different, the technology and techniques available to us a little more advanced, and our methods and practices a little better refined. Evolution is continuous, creativity is vital and innovation is simply business as usual.

As government communicators our purpose is straightforward: deliver world-class communications that support government priorities, enable the effective and efficient operation of public services, and improve people’s lives. Our challenge is not merely to keep-up with the pace of change, but to actively lead the way. This report, produced by GCS in collaboration with WPP Government and Public Sector Practice, is designed to ensure the Government Communication Service (GCS) does just that.

Through research, analysis, and case studies, we explore recent, current and predicted trends across the profession, providing prompts to inform best practice and stimulating thought around longer-term strategies. Comparing these trends with those of the first version of this report, published in 2015, the rate of change is striking; however, the issues driving this change should come as no surprise.

5 Trends

  • Trend 1 – Next generation fakery
  • Trend 2 – Hey Siri, Who’s Alexa
  • Trend 3 – Super charged segmentations
  • Trend 4 – Disrupting the disrupters
  • Trend 5 – A question of ethics

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