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Blog: ICO regulatory sandbox

Discussion Paper and Intention to Apply Survey

In November we published an analysis of the call for views on our proposed regulatory sandbox. Since then, we have continued to develop the systems and processes necessary to launch a fully functioning beta phase of our sandbox, with the aim of opening for applications at the end of April.

We’ve had lots of questions about how our sandbox might work in practice and we know that organisations will be considering whether an application will be right for them.

With that in mind, we have published our sandbox discussion paper which explains to potential participants how we see the sandbox working in practice. The paper sets out our thinking so far - from early engagement through to application, sandbox entry and, ultimately, exit.

The paper will form part of the discussion at our sandbox workshop event in London on 6 February. This event is now fully booked but we would still welcome feedback on the project, including from any potential sandbox participants. We’ve included discussion questions throughout the paper and are asking people to send their views to

To help us plan our resources and build the sandbox appropriately, we are also now opening our ’Intention to apply’ survey. This will enable organisations to tell us in advance about any product or service that they might consider entering into the sandbox.

It is not an application – the full formal process will open later in the year – but will give us more of an idea about the numbers and types of formal applications we are likely to receive.

The survey will remain open until we open for applications and is entirely voluntary and non-binding. Click here to access the survey.

The sandbox is open to all sectors and all sizes of organisation, so whether public, private or third sector, a tech start-up or an innovation hub at a large established company or Government body, please do get in touch if you plan to use personal data in a new and innovative way.

View a video of Chris Taylor from the ICO discussing the latest on the regulatory sandbox.

Chris Taylor is a Head of Assurance at ICO working on the development of ICO's operational approach to Codes Of Conduct, Certification Schemes, Regulatory Sandbox and eIDAS.

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