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GCS Internship induction 2022

On Friday 22 July, we introduced our new cohort of 67 GCS interns across 31 departments to government communications, with an action packed face-to-face event.

Internship cohort

Our speakers ranged from senior communication leaders to former GCS interns, and topics ranged from understanding the Modern Communications Operating Model, advice on how to navigate your career journey and how effective campaigns to the public can save lives.After the event, we spoke to a number of interns to get their thoughts on why they applied for the internship programme and what it means to them: 

Pooja Mehta, Home Office:

“The GCS Internship is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To be at the heart of Government departments and experience the way in which policy is made comprehensible to the public is an unmatchable experience. It offers an incredible, unique avenue for the learning and development of young students which is unmissable.“

Sophie Mowbray, NCSC: 

“I applied to the GCS internship as I hoped it would help me kick start my career in communications whilst furthering my interest in politics and the strategic workings of government. I am excited to meet and work with other interns from all different backgrounds and am proud to now be a part of an organisation that champions such diversity.”

Tarek Abdelbary, DHSC:

“When I heard of the GCS internship, I decided to apply straight away to get an understanding of what government communications is and what working in it is like. I had never heard of GCS before, but I knew that I wanted to join the civil service after university. I’m excited to learn about the communications profession in detail, and also understand how the wider civil service is structured and functions across government. “Even though I’ve chosen to do my internship in the External Affairs and Media Relations teams, I’m also looking forward to meeting people from other teams in my department to know more about how the whole Communications division works, especially as everyone is so nice and open to chat…”

Nikhita Nachiappan, HMRC:

“I study Politics and International Relations at university which has encouraged me to pursue work experience in policy making, but I was particularly fascinated by the integral role that communicators play in the Civil Service in ensuring internally that the workforce is looked after and externally that policy is effectively articulated to key stakeholders and the general public.I am most looking forward to meeting lots of communicators and understanding their specific position in their department, to gather the broadest possible understanding of what life is like in the Government Communications Service. 

Holly Barry, BEIS:

“I decided to apply to the GCS because I didn’t realise there was a job that fits my personality. I’m super chatty and I love working with people so comms seemed like it was made for me!”

Joshua Guillen, MoJ:

“I applied for the GCS internship because I am passionate about the ability of government communications to forge transformative change in British civic life. The power to affect decisions and lives is one that should be approached with innovation and responsibility; working within the GCS team will be a great chance for me to experience this first hand. I look forward to putting this into practice over the coming weeks.” 

Lucy Cowie, MOD: 

“I was thrilled when I saw the GCS internship advertised and jumped at the opportunity to work in Whitehall over the summer. The scheme is a fantastic way to ensure diverse and creative thinking is brought into public sector communications and make civil service careers more accessible. I can’t wait to learn from communications experts and work on campaigns that really influence people’s lives.”

Scott Hasell, FCDO: 

“I decided to apply for the GCS internship as I have always wanted to pursue a career in the civil service and felt this was a great opportunity to learn more about it and gain invaluable experience. I’m most looking forward to shadowing opportunities and meeting loads of interesting people and more importantly, learning from them.”

Danielle Salamanca, DEFRA:

“The flexibility of the scheme has afforded me the scope to move within the wider Internal Communications team and get involved in different projects. I am looking forward to contributing to meaningful communications operations in the upcoming months.”

Charlie Barnett, MET police: 

“I’m very much looking forward to starting my internship with the Met Police in New Scotland Yard. I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to not only experience and immerse myself in such a highly operational and professional environment, but also to get a chance to see a part of Public Service which very few are able to see in such detail and behind the scenes.”

The Government Communication Service is committed to attracting and developing communicators from diverse and underrepresented groups. Our internship gives students and graduates from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a government communicator in the Civil Service.Keep an eye out on our website Twitter and LinkedIn to watch where this opportunity takes them and watch their career flourish.


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