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JTA welcomes adoption of its Compliance Fee methodology

The Joint Trade Associations (JTA) proposal to run Compliance Fee has once again been successful, having been approved by Defra Ministers following a consultation...

The Joint Trade Associations (JTA) yesterday welcomed news that it’s proposal to run the 2019 Compliance Fee has once again been successful, having been approved by Defra Ministers following a consultation last year.

Susanne Baker, chair of the JTA and Associate Director of climate, environment and sustainability at techUK, yesterday said:

“While it is naturally disappointing that once again we are faced with a year in which the Compliance Fee is needed, we are pleased that Defra has chosen this producer-backed methodology for the operation of the 2019 Compliance Fee.

“We sought views from economists on the design of the Fee to ensure it remains appropriate given current market conditions. Following their advice, our proposal is little changed from previous iterations. We proposed some small changes to reflect the introduction of the mandatory Producer Compliance Scheme Balancing System, new regulatory requirements for persistent organic pollutants and a new escalator. One of these features, on the PBS, has made it through to the final methodology.

“We recognise that increasingly the key issue is not so much the methodology, which is now fundamentally established, but how the money raised through the Fee is spent. Therefore, we have also introduced changes to formalise how we consult with stakeholders to inform how best to spend the funds raised. A new advisory group will be established with experts from across the WEEE supply chain to help us ensure money is invested where it is needed. I am also delighted to announced that we’ve appointed Scott Butler, as the WEEE Compliance Fee Fund’s Executive Director who will be leading a newly formed team to manage the implementation of the Fund.”

Currently, spending priorities for the WEEE Compliance Fee Fund is targeted to waste electricals which are being incorrectly disposed of in the general refuse bin.

Next month will see the launch of a major new national communication and behaviour campaign, the outcome of the first year of a new kerbside collection fund, and details of new technical research funded through Compliance Fee Funds.

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