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Policy Exchange - The First Hundred Days

How the Government can implement the pledges in its 2019 election manifesto

This Briefing Paper was put together by Policy Exchange researchers and consultants, including: Jack Airey; Head of Housing; Warwick Lightfoot, Head of Economics; Jan Zeber, Economics Research Fellow; Will Heaven, Director of Policy; Iain Mansfield, Head of Education, Science, Skills and Innovation; Benedict McAleenan, Senior Adviser, Energy and Environment; Gabriel Elefteriu, Head of Space Policy; Richard Sloggett, Senior Fellow and Health and Social Care Lead; Chris Doughty, Housing Research Fellow; Sophia Falkner, Research Intern; Richard Walton, Senior Research Fellow; Sir Stephen Laws, Senior Research Fellow; Professor Richard Ekins, Head of Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project; Julie Marionneau, Research Fellow, Judicial Power Project.

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