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RESIST Counter-Disinformation Toolkit

The GCS toolkit to help public servants spot and counter disinformation was launched yesterday (10 April).

RESIST LogoThe new RESIST counter-disinformation toolkit will help communications professionals counter the threat posed by disinformation.

Disinformation is the deliberate creation and/or sharing of false information with the intention to deceive and mislead audiences.

A changing media environment means that disinformation can now spread faster than ever, to more people than ever. This toolkit will help public servants learn practical skills to counter it and build resilience within their organisations. It will be supported by a comprehensive programme of training for government and the public sector, part of a wider Government Communication Service training offer.

The toolkit is based on the ‘RESIST’ model, which provides six straightforward steps to follow from recognising disinformation to tracking outcomes. It promotes a consistent approach to tackling the threat, which can be tailored to suit the individual needs of any organisation. It has been written by a leading counter-disinformation academic with input from the Government Communication Service.

Our aim in publishing RESIST is to help reduce the impact of disinformation campaigns on UK society, and uphold our democratic values in doing so.

Download the RESIST Counter-disinformation Toolkit (7.8MB).


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