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Supporting your Catering Services with ESPO

We understand the needs of every organisation can vary, so our Catering Services framework (704) and Consultancy Services framework (664) offer completely tailored catering services and advice shaped around you.

Through our Catering Services framework (704) specifically, service providers can offer end-to-end services such as staff catering, school meals and restaurant style dining - it is completely customised with you in mind.

Need help with more creative menu planning? Or perhaps your marketing isn’t quite as good as it could be? Service providers on our framework can help you with lots of additional services such as these to make sure you get the most out of your catering.

The framework includes a dedicated lot for corporate solutions, including but not limited to local authority workplaces, leisure centres, exhibition centres, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defence establishments.

In addition, this framework can be used in conjunction with our Consultancy Services framework (664) for additional support with the tendering process, as well as guidance from market experts in relation to the strategy, approach, enhancements or maintenance of your food and catering provisions.

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