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Welcome to techUK AI Week

Katherine Mayes, Cloud, Data Analytics and AI Programme Manager, welcomes you to techUK's AI week.

Today marks the beginning of techUK’s AI Week – highlighting the growing opportunities and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for both the UK economy and society. Throughout the week techUK will be bringing you news, views and insights from the technology sector on how UK organisations are using AI to revolutionise business productivity and transform people’s lives. Throughout the week we will provide commentary on the next steps needed to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of the artificial intelligence and data revolution.  We will be sharing guest blogs and podcast interviews, press articles and daily tweets reflecting the current AI environment in the UK and what this may look like in the future.  

Over the coming days, our members and other industry experts will be contributing blogs on AI in four key areas:

  • Tuesday - Healthcare
  • Wednesday - Infrastructure 
  • Thursday - Policing and crime
  • Friday - Cybersecurity

During AI week, techUK will also further its ongoing AI Leaders Campaign - aimed at promoting UK leaders in AI - with a new leader under the spotlight this month. 

Why not join the debate and discussion on social media using #AIweek and visiting @techUK.

Keep up to date with all of this great material by viewing all of the posts so far by visiting the links below.


The AI Will See You Now - Guest blog: Maria Carla Dobronauteanu, AI Business, analyses the rapid growth of AI in the UK’s health sector.

Re-inventing Elderly Care - Guest blog: Nicola Palmarini, IBM, talks about the possibilities of AI in caring for the elderly.

Intelligent Healthcare - Guest blog: Anne Shannon Baxter, Access Partnership, explores the policy challenges for AI in healthcare to live up to the expectations.

How is AI technology transforming the healthcare industry? - Guest blog: Patrick Shephard, thoughtonomy, assesses how AI is transforming the Healthcare industry.

Could AI save lives, as well as time, in healthcare? - Guest blog: Matt Howard, Director of AI at Deloitte, examines the opportunities that AI could provide in healthcare.

Improving Health Services with Artificial Intelligence - Guest blog: Martin O'Connor, MBE, Somerford Associates, writes on improving health services through the use of AI.

Healthtech AI and Financial Services: An unusual coupling? - Guest blog: Steven Roberts, Barclays, explains why healthcare is primed for greater personalisation, and why it’s more important than ever for healthtech businesses to be supported and for the public to be educated.

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