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APM partners with Green Project Management to advance sustainable practices

In a significant move toward promoting sustainability in the project profession, Association for Project Management (APM) and Green Project Management (GPM Global) have announced a collaborative partnership agreement that commits both organisations to use their strengths and resources to advance sustainable and regenerative project management practices.

The partnership agreement will help APM and GPM Global to further their objectives and purposes around sustainability through collaboration on joint research initiatives and workshops; by supporting education, training, and certification specialising on aspects of sustainability; and by engaging in other joint opportunities where possible.

GPM Global – an internationally certified social enterprise founded in 2009 – is a global organisation that advocates for sustainability in the project profession. It is renowned for its mission to decouple socio-environmental degradation from economic growth through the advancement of sustainable and regenerative management practices.

Both GPM Global and APM are dedicated to contributing towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 – ‘Partnership for the Goals’, with an emphasis on enhancing global partnerships for sustainable development. Under the collaborative partnership agreement, both organisations will engage in reciprocal exchanges to promote mutual benefits.

GPM Global stated:

“This collaboration not only signifies a step forward in the promotion of sustainable project management but also reinforces the commitment of both GPM Global and APM to contribute meaningfully to the broader goals of sustainable development.”

You can learn more about GPM Global by visiting their website.


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