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techUK response to the House of Lords AI Report

Sue Daley, techUK Head of Programme for Cloud, Data, Analytics and AI, comments on the new House of Lords report, 'AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?'

The House of Lords has released a new report on Artificial Intelligence, AI in the UK: ready, willing and able? The report suggests that the UK can be a world leader in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) but only if we put ethics at the centre of its development.

Commenting on the launch of report, Sue Daley, Head of Programme for Cloud, Data, Analytics and AI at techUK, said:

“techUK commends the House of Lords AI Select Committee on the publication of a comprehensive and in depth AI report. This is an important contribution to current thinking. At a time when some are questioning the ability of politicians to keep pace with tech this report proves that policy makers can get to grips with big issues like AI.  It is particularly impressive that members of the Committee spent time learning to programme deep neural networks. Politicians across the pond should take note. 

“This report deserves to be read in-depth. The long to-do list of recommendations maps out many of the important issues that require careful consideration. In particular the need for greater coordination and consolidation on existing ethical initiatives and codes in a way that can assist businesses looking to do the right thing. The five key principles identified are aligned with current thinking and highlight the importance of ensuring human needs and values remain at the core of technological innovation. If we get the policy and regulatory framework right there is no reason why the UK can't be a world leader in the development and effective safe use of AI. With the recently announced Council for AI, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation and the Ada Lovelace Institute the UK is starting to put in place some of the institutions that can help guide the safe and effective development of AI. Ethics alongside regulation, including new data protection rules, has a key role to play. 2018 should be a year of practical progress that can build confidence and support innovation.  techUK is looking forward to working with others to help organisations across all industries and sectors of the UK to realise the full economic and social potential of AI as well as to address and overcome many of the challenges set out in the report.”


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