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techUK's Digital Twins Working Group (DTWG) holds inaugural meeting!

techUK's new Digital Twins Working Group (DTWG) meets for the inaugural session to define strategic objectives!

On Thursday 26 April 2020, techUK’s new Digital Twins Working Group (DTWG) convened for the first time. At this inaugural session, DTWG members set out their goals, aspirations and strategic objectives for the group.


Looking to the future, the DTWG will play a key role in the work that techUK is doing to stimulate the development, deployment and uptake of digital twin solutions in the UK.

Bringing together a diverse range of experts from high-value technology markets- such as defence, cyber security, telecommunications, finance & civil engineering- the DTWG is uniquely positioned to advise on the commercial viability of digital twins and their horizontal integration across the UK’s digital economy.

Crucially, the DTWG has formed four key delivery groups, which will focus on:

  • Developing a reference architecture for digital twins
  • Categorising digital twin solutions based on their respective characteristics
  • Collating examples of eye-catching, real-world digital twin applications
  • Horizon scanning and futures analysis

Additionally, techUK’s DTWG has formed a flexible delivery group focusing on how digital twins could assist in responding to COVID-19. The insights gained from this work will be shared via techUK’s new COVID-19 Information Hub.

Commenting on the inaugural session, DTWG Chair, Erwin Frank-Schultz (CTO for Energy, Environment and Utilities, UK & Ireland), remarked:

“The wide range of thoughtful input and active participation during our inaugural virtual meeting by all involved bodes well for the group and I am very exited about the work we are about to embark on.”

Additionally, DTWG Vice-Chair, Neil Thompson (Digital Director, Atkins), stated:

“I found the session fascinating. Hearing the views of our diverse disciplines and industries gave me the confidence that we can collaborate and demystify the potential of digital twins.

Over the coming months, the DTWG will be working hard to understand how it can maximise all possible synergies between active stakeholders in this field. In particular, the DTWG is seeking to connect with groups focusing on data sharing, information processing, skills, decarbonisation and climate resilience.

techUK will also be running a Digital Twins Campaign Week between 4 – 8 May to explore these issues in more detail, during which we’ll be sharing blogs, insights and more across the techUK website and social media.

If you would like to learn more about these plans, please contact Tom Henderson (, techUK DTWG secretariat, today!


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