General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

NAO:  Cross-government funding of R&D

NAO:  Air Quality ~ EC publishes new Air Quality Index and Atlas

Audit Scotland:  Progress at East Dunbartonshire needs to continue

PC&PE:  'Catastrophic' if viable customs system not in place at Brexit

PC&PE:  Government response on Licencing Act published

PC&PE:  'Inappropriate powers' in Sanctions Bill says Lords Committee

POST:  Communicating Risk – (POST:  Decarbonising the Gas Network ~ POST:  Environmental Earth Observation)

HM Land Registry:  UK House Price Index for September 2017

NIESR: GDP growth of 0.5% in the 3 months to October – (NIESR: Head of UK Macroeconomic Forecasting reacts to the latest CPI inflation data ~ NIESR: UK’s obsession with housing wealth could be making the country poorer)

RUSI:  Lebanon: The Return of Pax Syriana? – (RUSI:  Japan – Russia: Another Fine Mess)

IFG:  Response to statement on EU negotiations

IPPR:  92% of local authorities fail to deliver enough affordable housing – (IPPR:  Changes to design of Universal Credit mean more children will end up in poverty)

IEA:  Equal Pay Day calculation is fundamentally misleading – (IEA:  Decision on minimum alcohol pricing disappointing & will hit poorest the hardest)

JRF:  Single-earner families face living standards drop

Solent NHS the latest Trust to roll out the Energy-Saving Initiative of choice for UK Public Sector