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Some Councils seem to have forgotten their ‘Duty of Care’

Editor; Two items in this newsletter illustrate the continuing ‘problems’ Councils appear to be having in providing ‘fair & equitable care home provision’.  While appreciating budgets have been severely reduced, ‘sharp practice’ by Councils and Care Homes is not something Society can accept as the norm.

Firstly; Councils across England are being reminded of the need to offer affordable care home placements to families when arranging relatives’ care, following an investigation by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman into Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Secondly; the CMA has published the initial findings of its care homes market study, and is investigating if some homes are breaking consumer law.

The market study was launched in December 2016 to examine whether the residential care homes sector is working well for elderly people and their families. Having reached the halfway point of the study, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has published emerging findings and announced that, as a result of information received during this work, it has opened a consumer protection case to investigate its concerns that some care homes may be breaking consumer law.

This is focused on concerns about certain care homes charging families for extended periods after a resident has died, and homes charging large upfront fees.  The initial findings of the market study highlight wider concerns about the sector, which will form the focus of the next phase of its work.
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